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Daniel, the pain today still hurts as bad as 11 years ago.  You are thought about everyday!  Life is not and will not ever be the same without you.  My heart is broken!

This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Daniel Sheppard who was born in Tennessee on July 27, 1994 and passed away on February 07, 2006 at the age of 11. We will remember him forever.

Daniel was in the 5th grade at Woodall Primary in White House, TN.  He was inducted into the Jr BETA in December 2005.  Daniel was a very bright boy that lived life to the fullest. He loved skateboarding, cars, riding his bike and sports.  He was a "prankster" that loved to get a laugh out of anyone.  His eyes and his smile would brighten up any room.

Daniel loved his family and friends very much and he was very protective over them.  He had two loving brothers David and Dawson . He also had cousins that he loved like brothers and sisters...Bailey,Hunter,Carson,Kelsie,Parker,Bryson,Addie,Alex,Lexi,Steven,Ashlynn and Caleb(his namesake).  Everyone misses him very much.

On February 7, 2006, Daniel made a very bad mistake. A mistake that cost him his life.  He did something that is called a "game" -it is NOT a "GAME" at all!! and I hate to even hear it called a "game".  Games are supposed to be fun, exciting. Not something that will KILL you. This has several different names such as the choking game, the hanging game, the pass out game and space monkey.

There are warning signs such as red eyes, frequent headaches,unexplained bruising,children playing behind locked doors and things being tied around beds or in closets (like belts, ropes, scarfs, etc.)

There are too many children dying from this. In my opinion 1 is too many!   Some of these deaths are ruled as suicide at first and then some parents are left wondering.  We have got to get the message out to our children that this will kill them.  Please talk to your kids, I don't want anyone going through the pain that our family is going through.

I know that some parents think that not talking about this or not letting your child participate when someone speaks on this issue will keep their children safe.  Guess what!! You are wrong.  Most of them already know about this and may even know someone that has tried it! I would much rather my children had been educated on this sensitive issue than find out the way they did- one dead and the other two had to witness this first hand, watching their brother die!!!  Please do not let you or your child be left in the dark.  Losing a child is like losing the brightest part of your soul. For more information go to http://www.gaspinfo.com.

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Tributes and Condolences
It's been so long   / Emily Wolf (Friend)
Daniel and I used to be neighbors and best friends. I hadn't even thought about him in quite some time until like 5 minutes ago. I didn't even realize that it would have been 10 years this year that he's been gone. It feels like yesterday that we wer...  Continue >>
The best cousin I've never met.   / Austin L. (Cousin)
Dear Daniel, It is my pleasure to be able to express my feelings to you. It is a shame that we haven't been able to properly meet. I'm Austin - your seventeen year-old cousin. I've heard great things about you; you're a much loved, great, gifted k...  Continue >>
good times!   / Sam McGee (Best Friend )
Daniel was a great kid. A great team mate. Most of all he was a great friend. I remember being out in the back yard playing football, and baseball with Daniel. It always seemed he won in football and i always won in baseball. i remember when we playe...  Continue >>
Ole the years they fly   / Mykala Gheen (girlfriend)
Daniel its been a weird ole five years but they've been good too. every year that goes by in the back of my mind I have to wonder what would it be like if you were in one of my classes would we be getting in trouble for talking or for being crazy. No...  Continue >>
wrong e-mail address   / Stacey Browning
I'm sorry I got my e-mail address wrong it sn_browning@yahoo.com..sorry...
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His legacy
Daniel was fun loving, engergetic and lived life to the max.  He had more ambition than most adults.  His smile and his eyes could brighten your world.  Even if you olny met him once, you would love him forever.

Daniel left behind alot of friends and family that loved him very much and he loved them back twice as much.  He was a giver not a taker. 

There is a part of my soul that is gone forever.  No parent should ever have to bury a child.
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